How architects can be succesfully agile

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Architects are known for their talent to ensure that projects run out of budget or out of time. The best architects are successful in ensuring that projects run out of both time and budget. But with the advent of agile practices and the agile manifest, architects are no longer needed. They have no longer a role in continuously postponing a project and ensuring that tons of money are wasted. With waterfall becoming water under the bridge, there is no longer a need for procrastination by the architect. Unfortunately, as evolution goes, architects are genetically inspired to build ivory towers. Doomed to follow the path of the dinosaur. Unless... unless they manage to become agile. This session is about how architects can become agile and thrive again. Gaining the respect of... well pretty much everybody and their mother.

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Iwan Eising


Iconoclastic is what characterizes Iwan Eising. Over the past 20 years he has been traveling the world as an IT architect. Developing an ESB when nobody knew the acronym, explaining why ESB’s were not the solution once the acronym was on everybody’s lips. As Arc-E-Tect he blogs and tweets about how he experiences the world of and around IT. Iwan has worked as an IT architect all around the globe, spanning from the US to Pakistan, Egypt to Denmark, Switzerland to Scotland and the Netherlands. In 1983 he was out of primary school, 33 years later, in 2016 he started part-time teaching science and technology at a primary school to gifted children, teaching them how to solve problems, apply engineering skills and think out of the box. Spending most of his professional time as an architect, you can also find him on a regular basis in rooms coaching teams and startups to think differently.

  14:20 - 15:05
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